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New research suggests that our health and fitness habits can predict the outcome of our overall fitness and health almost 20 years later.   Cardio may...

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Exercise selection:

Should I choose compound or isolation?

What should I do first? How heavy should I lift?

Get strong in 40 minutes a day

Learn to use exercise density to your advantage 

Missing training doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of dedication.

A date with density

Training volume is typically measured in sets and reps

It's a good system, and it works. But, rarely will a trainee pay attention to how long it takes to complete a prescribed number of sets. 


Holiday workouts

Don't feel guilty about extra holiday calories; put them to use!

Good food and good conversation are part of what makes the holidays so special, and why we look forward to them each year.

Bodycom Personal Training

Personalized Training Packages

 If you can do something that will get you a little bit further every single day, changes will become inevitable and visible in no time.


Standard $30.00

1 Session

EACH session is 60 minutes

Bronze $150.00

6 Sessions

Buy 5 get 1 FREE session

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Silver $300.00

12 Sessions

Buy 10 get 2 FREE sessions

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Gold $450.00

18 Sessions

Buy 15 get 3 FREE sessions

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